Benefits of Structured Wiring: Improved Efficiency, Convenience, and Flexibility

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Structured wiring refers to the systematic design and installation of a building’s low-voltage wiring systems, including those for telecommunications, audio/visual, security, and automation. This type of wiring is called “structured” because it follows a specific set of standards and guidelines to ensure that all the building’s systems are organized and can work together seamlessly. Structured […]

6 Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

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Winter is a great time to ensure your home is safe and warm. But it can also be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment and knowledge to keep everyone safe. Here are some winter electricity safety tips. 1. Don’t Plug Space Heaters Into Power Strips It’s a prevalent misconception that you can plug […]

5 Benefits of Electrical Inspection at the Start of a New Year

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An electrical inspection process is lengthy, but it will help identify any safety issues before they become significant problems. Electrical issues often persist until they’re addressed, so waiting until later in the year isn’t wise. You can ensure you’re safe by making an appointment with an electrician soon. Through years of experience, homeowners should get […]

7 Electrical Safety Tips to Follow During Winter

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Electrical hazards rise when the weather gets colder. To avoid contending with electrical hazards this winter, follow these seven electrical safety tips. 1. Make Sure No Flammable Items Are Near Heat Sources Practically anything is flammable if it is too close to a heat source such as a space heater, fireplace, or wood stove. For […]

Saving Money By Unplugging Appliances

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Electricity is a constant necessity in today’s world. You probably have devices plugged in all over your home that aren’t in use from countertop appliances to phone chargers. Even though these devices are “out of sight and out of mind,” they slowly consume energy and increase your monthly power bills even when you’re not using […]

Follow These Electrical Safety Tips When Decorating for the Holidays

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The holiday season can be magical. In Evansville, the temperatures drop, and our warm homes become so inviting. They can feel even more welcoming and festive if you put up decorations. At Sims Electrical, Plumbing, & Mechanical, we want our local neighbors to have fun with their decorations but also want people to be safe. […]

Use These Tips To Create More Effective Landscape Lighting

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Living in Evansville, IN means living in a friendly community with lots of things you can do all year long. A walk through Angel Mounds State Historic Site offers a chance to get better acquainted with Native American culture. Stop by the Mesker Park Zoo, and stroll the well-groomed grounds at the Botanic Garden. You’ll […]

Residential Plumbing and Electrical Needs going into the Winter

Winter is a challenging time especially if you are living in places like Evansville Indiana, where temperatures drop below freezing. Before the start of winter, you need to call your plumber and electrician to inspect the plumbing and electrical systems to prepare your home for the oncoming cold climate.The plumbing and electrical systems have to function flawlessly even in the freezing winter to keep […]