3 Reasons Your Electrical Panel Requires Professional Maintenance

Electrical installer with protective elements working in an electrical panel of a house.

Your home’s electrical panel supplies power to all the different circuits in your home. It not only distributes power but also ensures safety by disrupting the current when a fault is detected. Discover why panel maintenance is crucial for keeping your home safe and reducing energy bills. 1. Enhance Safety to Prevent Fire Hazards and […]

Why Sewer Line Maintenance Should Be on Your Spring To-Do List

Plumber Repairing a Broken Pipe in a Septic Field

Your sewer line is a very important part of your plumbing system, responsible for removing waste from your home to your septic tank or a collection point for your local waste treatment facility. Unfortunately, most of the sewer lines here in Evansville, IN are beneath homes and under the ground, so many homeowners do not […]