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Use These Tips To Create More Effective Landscape Lighting

Living in Evansville, IN means living in a friendly community with lots of things you can do all year long. A walk through Angel Mounds State Historic Site offers a chance to get better acquainted with Native American culture. Stop by the Mesker Park Zoo, and stroll the well-groomed grounds at the Botanic Garden. You’ll want to make your own home’s landscaping just as inviting. Follow these easy tips from our experts to keep it both safe and beautiful.

Your Existing Landscaping

Your existing landscaping should be examined closely as you make plans to add the right lighting. That means knowing what kind of plantings you have in place right now. It also means knowing what kind of plants you intend to purchase as you make changes to the yard. You are aiming for an integrated look that takes into account all parts of your yard. You want to take into account what you are going to do, such as planting a new tree or adding a larger garden. The right kind of lighting plan is one that is flexible and allows you to change it up as needed without creating problems with your existing landscaping.

Each Season

The seasons change rapidly in Evansville, IN. You need landscape lighting that can change with it. That’s why you’ll want to have help from our expert electricians. We know how to come up with lighting that works in the middle of summer and just as well when the cold weather hits each winter. Make sure the landscaping lighting you use can be seen no matter what weather you’re facing.

Create a Pathway

Pathways are important. You need to see where you’re going on your property. You need to be able to head to your garage. You also need to be able to walk to your front door or find your deck. That’s why you should use lighting to illuminate these paths.

Varied Kinds of Lighting

An effective plan is one that makes use of varied types of lighting. Use smaller lights along the sides of your walkway to make each part visible. Add overhead illumination like fairy lights to bring in charm. Use additional lights in the corners of places such as your deck. That keeps these areas safer. This way, you don’t have to worry about stumbling over new plantings or your outdoor chairs.

A beautiful and functional home is a must for all homeowners. Contact Sims Electrical, Plumbing, & Mechanical for help with all your landscape lighting plans.

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