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Drain Cleaning in Evansville, IN

Professional Clog Removal

Sadly, many homeowners do not appreciate the service of their home’s drain lines until there is an issue. Then, they are suddenly aware of how nice it is to have sinks and tubs drain quickly, and toilets flush with no threat of overflowing. So when you do experience one of these less than pleasant events due to a clogged drain or sewer line, you want a fast and reliable Evansville, IN drain cleaning service from a professional you know you can trust

The team at Sims Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical has been coming to the rescue of residents for over 30 years when facing a Evansville, IN drain clog. Our family-owned and operated business appreciates that a clogged drain can bring the function of your household to a standstill. And we are here to assist you with cost-effective and drain-safe solutions to any clog or blockage that is threatening to flood your home with raw sewage. So call (812) 408-1906 to request an appointment and know that our experts will get the job done quickly to restore the full function of your home’s drain lines.

Professional Drain Clog Solutions

When you call (812) 408-1906 for help with a drain clog, our crew brings over three decades of experience and expertise to the job. In addition, our pros are armed with the tools that will remove any clog without harming your home’s drain line. From a plumbing snake to an auger or water jet, we always clear all the clogs that are threatening to flood your home. And you will never be left with a house full of toxic chemical fumes associated with the liquid drain cleaners found in hardware and big box stores.

In addition, we have a small waterproof camera that is deployed into the drain lines for a thorough inspection to ensure your drains are clog-free before our job is completed. This device also allows these experts to locate any damage or cracks in the drain or sewer lines that could be allowing dirty water and waste to leak into your home or yard.

Contact our Evansville drain cleaning professionals today to schedule a service estimate with us! Call (812) 408-1906.

Avoiding Future Drain Clogs

Once your home is free of drain clogs, you are sure to be eager to avoid any future clogs. And the secret is being careful about what finds its way into the drains of your Evansville, IN home. Placing mesh drain screens in all sink and tub drains is a cost-effective way to prevent debris, dirt, and hair from flowing into the pipes and creating clogs. In addition, avoid pouring used cooking oil and grease down the kitchen drain. These oils stick to the walls of the drain lines and create a residue that traps debris and makes more clogs.

The Worst Household Clog

Nothing is as upsetting as a toilet clog. The thought of raw sewage flooding your home is very troubling. But in most cases, the clog and potential flood could have been avoided with a bit of care. Huge wads of toilet paper and foreign objects are the two most common causes of a clogged toilet. The simple solution is to use a reasonable amount of toilet paper and never use the toilet as a trashcan. Bits of plastic, loose hair and tissues are sure to create a clog. Place debris in the trashcan to avoid a few frantic moments and the cost of a professional clog removal.

The best way to avoid any concerns about clogs and a house flooded by dirty water is a proactive annual drain cleaning from Sims Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical experts. Our drain-safe cleaning processes and decades of experience will eliminate any clogs and the sticky residue that could create future issues. Call (812) 408-1906 to schedule your Evansville, IN drain cleaning or Evansville, IN clog removal today.