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Leak Detection in Evansville, IN

Professional Leak Detection Services

Unfortunately, not all water leaks provide a trail that leads you to the source of the problem. In many cases, the water leak is concealed inside the walls, floors, or even under the slab foundation and can create considerable damage before it is located and repaired. So what should you do if you think your home has a hidden water leak? Call (812) 408-1906 immediately to speak to the Evansville leak detection experts at Sims Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical.

Our staff uses the latest leak detection technology to quickly and cost-effectively determine if your home has a water leak and where it is located. Our licensed professionals also provide you with an estimate for any Evansville leak repair or slab leak repair needed to protect your home from costly water damage and the health hazards related to toxic mold growth. Call (812) 408-1906 at the first indication of a leak and know that the 30 years of experience and expertise in the Sims Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical team will be on-site quickly to locate any hidden leaks.

Signs Of A Concealed Leak

Even a tiny hidden water leak can be very costly by the time it is located. So all property owners need to know the indications of a hidden leak. Some of the most common hints that there is a water leak in or under your home include:

When you notice any of these signs of a water leak, call (812) 408-1906 immediately. The faster you call the Sims Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical experts, the sooner you can stop worrying about expensive water damage and mold remediation expenses. Each of our Evansville leak repairs are backed by a full warranty on the parts and labor for added peace of mind for our customers.

Do you suspect a leak in your Evansville home? Contact our team of leak detection specialists today! Call (812) 408-1906.

The Hazards Of A Slab Leak

A slab leak is a water leak located under the concrete foundation of your Evansville home. These leaks have the potential to create massive damage as they wash out the material supporting the foundation of the house. In addition, cracks in the concrete from the added stress can cause walls and floors to sag and eventually compromise your home’s safety and structural integrity.

Evansville Slab Leak Detection

The leak detection pros at Sims Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical use sound amplification devices, moisture sensors, and thermal imaging to locate slab leaks in a non-destructive manner. These tools and years of experience allow our staff to pinpoint hidden leaks even under the several inches of concrete that support your home.

Slab Leak Repair

The leak’s location is the deciding factor on the repair technique used to repair it. For example, leaks near the perimeter of the foundation can be accessed by digging from outside your home. In other cases, the leaking water line is abandoned after a new supply line is installed in the attic or walls of your home. This process offers the added benefit of never again worrying about the line leaking under your home’s foundation. The final option is to cut a small access hole in the foundation to repair the leak. Once the repair is pressure tested, the foundation and flooring are repaired.

If you suspect a water leak in your home, call (812) 408-1906. The Sims Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical team will locate any issue quickly to determine if your home needs a Evansville leak repair or slab leak repair to prevent further damage. And once the repairs are complete, you will know that the Sims Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical comprehensive warranty backs the Evansville leak repair.