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Interesting and Important Things to Know About Your Home’s Plumbing System

There are several things that many homeowners do not know about their plumbing. Here are some of the top things about your plumbing system you may not have known.

Your Hot Water Heater Is Not Going to Last Forever

Hot water heaters do not last forever even though many homeowners believe that they can. Hot water heaters will last on average between eight and 12 years before they need to be replaced. If you must run your sinks, baths and showers for a long time before the water heats up, then this is a sign that your hot water heater is on the fritz. If you want to make certain that your hot water heater lasts, routine maintenance is key.

Periodic Sewer Line Inspections Are Critical

Very few homeowners think about the sewer line, and this is because it is not seen. Sewer lines are only given consideration when a severe problem occurs. If it has been a significant amount of time since you have had your sewer line inspected, you must call a plumber to perform a sewer line inspection. If the plumber finds any problems during the inspection, they will collaborate with you to get them rectified. If sewer line repair or replacement is needed, the plumber will repair or replace what is needed to get your home’s plumbing restored to working order.

You Must Replace Your Washing Machine Hose Every Five Years

Bursting washing machine hoses are one of the most common reasons for homeowners’ insurance claims. Though flooding is a risk in Evansville, IN since this area receives on average of 46 inches of annual rain, major flooding can also occur in the home due to a burst washing machine hose. Washing machine hoses are connected to your home’s main water line, so they make large messes when they burst. Plumbers recommend that you replace your washing machine hose every five years or as soon as you notice there is any damage, discoloration, rips or tears.

Your Pipes Are Not Equipped for Grease

No matter how modernized your home’s plumbing system is, your pipes are never equipped for grease. When you cook, never allow grease to go down your drain because grease solidifies once it cools off, and this allows debris to get trapped in your drain and pipes, eventually leading to some serious drain clogs. Plumbers recommend that you pour your grease into the trash before putting your pans and dishes into the sink.

Small Leaks Can Lead to Big Problems

Sometimes, the smallest things will make the largest impact, and this is especially true when it comes to leaks. Water leaks lead to large water bills. In fact, water leaks cause as many as 800 gallons of water to be wasted each day. For this reason, leaks must be fixed as soon as you notice them.

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