Winter is a challenging time especially if you are living in places like Evansville Indiana, where temperatures drop below freezing. Before the start of winter, you need to call your plumber and electrician to inspect the plumbing and electrical systems to prepare your home for the oncoming cold climate.
The plumbing and electrical systems have to function flawlessly even in the freezing winter to keep you and your family warm and safe. Here are some of the things you have to do before the onset of winter for a hassle-free and comfortable winter:
Damages to the plumbing system due to water freezing inside the pipes are one of the most dangerous things that can happen during the winter months. So, you have to take all necessary actions to prevent water from freezing inside your plumbing lines. For this consult Sims Electrical, Plumbing, & Mechanical and let us carry over an inspection and take care of the following: 
1. Outdoor faucets: these must be drained to prevent cracking of pipes during winter. See if the bleeder cap and the shut-off valve are working properly and if the water continues to drip out of the bleeder cap then your plumber will suggest you change the shut-off valve.
2. Installing frost-free sill cocks: To prevent the problem with your faucets during winter, a plumbing precaution would be to install frost-free sill cocks. These are installed inside the walls and help drain the water out of the faucet whenever you shut off the faucet valve. This is necessary to prevent clogging of the faucet head during chilly weather conditions.
3. Remove Hoses from outdoor pipes: the hosepipes and other pipe connections that are lying outdoors must be protected from chilly conditions. Remove the hoses from your outdoor water supply, drain the water completely, and store them in a place protected from cold weather.
4. Find vulnerable Pipes: When your plumber comes to inspect your plumbing system he will find the vulnerable pipelines and fittings. He may suggest the installation of a heat cable for these pipes to prevent freezing of water inside them. This will help in preventing clogging of pipelines leading to the poor water supply inside the house. This is one of the best ways for a homeowner in Evansville, IN to prevent winter damage to his plumbing system during winter.
5. Insulate Pipes: Pipes in un-insulated areas are vulnerable to harsh winter conditions. Hence ask your plumber to see if any of your pipes need insulation and do as per his advice to insulate any open pipe that lies outside your house. Use a combination of good insulation and heat cable to save your pipes from the effects of cold air during the winter months.
6. Install a Wi-Fi thermostat: Even after taking all precautions before the winter, constant monitoring and taking swift remedial actions are necessary to prevent any problems in your plumbing system. Ask your plumbing company to find a suitable Wi-Fi thermostat that can alert you in case of a temperature drop in the plumbing system. This is one of the best ways of preventing problems in your plumbing system.
Your electrical systems are very essential for your comfort and safety during long, cold winter months as you and your family depend more on the heating system for comfort and safety. So, all your electrical systems need to be functioning flawlessly during the winter and for this call your electrician in Evansville, Indiana, and let him make a thorough inspection of all the electrical systems to ensure a trouble-free operation of all the electrical systems in your house.
Here is the electrical checklist for a homeowner in Evansville, IN for the winter months:
a. Check and make sure that all is well with your main distribution panel, and the electrician will look for any worn-out wires, weak connections, bad switches, etc. This is the main area of focus for all your electrical systems inside the house. Hence ask your electrician to inspect all the switches and label them neatly so that you can identify the switches for each of the rooms and reach out to them in case of an outage or emergency.
b. Having an electrical generator as a backup is essential to tackle any electrical outage. Check the generator for its proper functioning, and see if all the systems necessary for its proper functioning are in good condition. Do not forget to run your generator for at least 20 minutes every month to keep it in good working condition.
c. Inspect all the wires & Connections: you will be using various extension cords, sockets, and plugs and look out for wear & tear in them. Replace all faulty components for the proper functioning for trouble-free service during the winter months.
Thus, prepare your home for the winter with your plumber and electrician inspecting and taking necessary actions to ensure the proper functioning of the plumbing and electrical system in your house.  Being a homeowner in Evansville IN, you can make use of the services of a good plumber and electrician to make your home ready for the oncoming winter and have a comfortable and safer time in your house even in extremely cold climates.