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An old pipe breaks in freezing weather

4 Advantages to Repiping Your System

While repiping sounds expensive, it’s often the best option for those living in and around Evansville, IN. The cold temperatures and snow in winter combined with the spring rains and summer heat can wreak havoc on your pipes. As many homes in this city are old, you may also have a mixture of different types of pipes that do not work well together. Look at some of the advantages and benefits of repiping your home.

1. Save Money

One benefit to repiping is that it saves you money. When you call a plumber to fix a leak, you pay for both their labor costs and any materials they use. Though this one-time expense may not seem like a lot, can you afford to drop the same amount or more when other leaks form? Repiping costs more up-front than a simple repair but will pay off in the coming years.

2. Add Value

The Evansville real estate market is hot, with college graduates deciding to stick around and new people moving to the city. Those looking for homes pay for inspections to learn about any potential issues they might face later. If the inspector finds a mismatched set of pipes or pipes that show a lot of damage, they will tell their clients. Those clients can pass on your home or offer much less than you want to settle for. Repiping will add more value to your home and may help you get your asking price.

3. Protect Against Damage

Another benefit of replacing your old pipes is that you can protect against damage. Galvanized pipes were a popular option for Evansville builders up through the 1980s. Those pipes are susceptible to rust and can also develop cracks and leaks. Rust from the pipes can come out of your tap and leave you with water that looks brown or red. With new pipes, you don’t need to worry about the current damage worsening or other damage popping up. With cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes, you can prevent rust, too.

4. Improve Water Pressure

A great reason to invest in repiping is that it improves your water pressure. Do you almost hate taking a shower after work because only a trickle of water comes out? Maybe you need to keep the tap running fully to fill your sink when washing dishes. Repiping eliminates the rust and other particles in your water that form clogs and limit water pressure. When you repipe your whole home, you get stronger water pressure.

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